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November 7, 2023 at 5:02 PM

It's that time of the year when our workplace transforms into a spooky, spellbinding office filled with pumpkins, costumes, and competitive spirit. If you're new to our site or have yet to learn about us, we are BIG on Holidays. Each year, NeigerDesign throws a Halloween party, hosting both a pumpkin design and costume competition, and this year's '70s theme was pretty groovy.

These types of events highlight the spirit of fun that runs deep within our workplace—through marveling at the incredible pumpkin creations and laughing at the ingenious costumes. As we return to our daily tasks and routines, remember to embrace the opportunities to express our inner artists. 👻🎃🕷️

Here are the results!


1st place: John's Trouble on the Horizon

2nd place: Jessie's Pumpkin's Pupil

3rd place: Carol's Gourdon Ramsay


Winner: Molly

Runner-up: Jim


Molly Kettler, Office Manager



Carol Neiger, President & Owner



John Shaw, Director of Web Services



Jonathan Amen, Creative Director



Jessie Blaisdell, Marketing / Digital Strategist



Grady Coyle, Front-End Developer



Jim Hutchison, Designer


Thank you to all who participated in voting! Want to get in on next year's vote and see what other fun Holiday announcements we have coming up? Sign up for our newsletter below.



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Written by

Jessie Blaisdell


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