Roaring Into 2022 With Blended Stripes

February 1, 2022 at 4:53 PM

Vibrant, lively, and expressive alternating images of a collage tiger composed of ten different designs.

It’s been 12 years since the indomitable tiger has been in the spotlight for Chinese New Year, and with Neiger Tiger as our mascot, what a perfect opportunity to celebrate the start of a hopeful 2022!

Every year, we put together a unique holiday gift to roar in the new year and show appreciation to our clients. We needed a way to encompass the strength that the admirable tiger holds, but how were we going to decide on just one idea when the tiger is symbolic in so many ways?

A few brainstorming sessions later, it dawned on us! Mirroring the elements of what it means to work at NeigerDesign, the tiger is courageous — it craves challenge and adventure, all while exuding optimism and passion. The tiger is a powerful creature as a whole. But what does the tiger represent when you break down the entirety of its character?

Do you think of ferocious fangs? Vibrant orange fur? Spontaneous stripes and patterns? These individual traits are unique on their own, but when you put them all together, you get the mighty tiger. Our concept for this year’s client gift blends all of our individual stripes to create a collaborative expression of what the tiger means to each of us.

Carol Neiger

NeigerDesign & Strategic Marketing creates brands that stand out, so my tiger is colorful! NeigerDesign creates results that stand up so my tiger is bold, fluid, and full of optimism for 2022—the Year of the Tiger!

A watercolor tiger with bright, colorful, and fun painted strokes and splatters.

John Shaw

A tiger can’t change its stripes, so how do you make them into spots? I leveraged the same halftone technique from the NeigerDesign logo to digitize the big cat into something new. If you take a step back to see beyond the squares, the resilient tiger stripes remain. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Digitalized pop-art tiger made up of red and white squares.

Part camouflage and part statement piece. Not satisfied with just blending in, the tiger defines its own environment.

Black and white image of a tiger with vertical lines emerging out of the stripes on the tiger’s body.

Michelle Kretchmer

Using paper filled with random letterforms—and adding faint digitally-produced stripes—I created a more “expressive” tiger. With a little imagination, words can replace a would-be stripe on a tiger’s torso, forehead or tail. I linked together adjectives and nouns commonly associated with a tiger’s personality to form random stripes—not only to celebrate The Year of the Tiger, but as a reminder of the benefit in continually expanding one’s perspective.

Paper tiger made up of words and letters in front of a block-colored background.

Jonathan Amen

These types of collaborative projects are great for our team and we have a great time doing them. It gives everyone a chance to explore something creatively while also working within a basic set of parameters. That sounds a lot like our normal creative process, but this is an opportunity to be creative in a way that is not as bound by strategy, market factors, or brand standards. I took the opportunity to explore the tiger from a photographic expression, by creating a photographic image of the tiger and using an exaggerated color tinting with watercolors, then embellishing further with metallic paint markers. An off-the-cuff exploration like this was great fun to just let it flow and see where the creativity landed.

Color tinted metallic-looking tiger image with colorful fur in front of a black and white grass brush.

Rutu Palav

When I was young, the magnificent beast, tiger, always fascinated me. Coming from a family of artists, I was surrounded by colors and creativity. As my young mind wandered into wild imaginations, I thought of a tiger to be much more than just orange in color with black strips on it. I imagined it to be bold, fierce, colorful, strong, and edgy. A change of perspective gave birth to this unusual representation of the tiger.

Colorful and patterned geometric shapes encompassing the body of a tiger.

Jessie Blaisdell

As someone born in the year of the tiger, ‘98, I have always admired the idea of this courageous creature who represents passion and vigor. I wanted my depiction of the tiger to be bold and whimsical, so I used red to honor the Chinese New Year and portray mysterious and fierce energy.

Orange and red digital painting with textured pattern and smokey-looking strokes surrounding a tiger.

Debbie Render

How would a tiger describe her best self? What makes her unique and powerful? I imagined what words a tiger might choose to display alongside her stripes on the outside, if she had the chance to describe what defined her on the inside. It’s always essential to look beyond the surface!

Black and white tiger with colorful and powerful words written along the stripes.

Jim Hutchison

For this concept, I thought it would be fun to focus more on the creative process and not just on rendering the tiger. As you can see a lot goes on in the middle of the night when you are working on a deadline.

Colorful photo with watercolor-looking body and photoshopped images of a watering can, sketchbook, color samples, desktop, and art tools floating around a tiger.

Neiger Tiger

The year of the glorious Tiger! How do I portray this mighty animal without being too biased? I went for a simpler visual approach. Water + Tiger = Year of the Water Tiger. The water tiger, in particular, represents a consistent flow of expression that carries great courage and eagerness.

Outline of tiger filled with pool water in front of a textured orange and black tiger-striped background.

The end result — The card is delivered, folded strategically to show a couple of intriguing artistic panels but keeping the full image indiscernible. When the card is opened, the folds flatten and all of our individual panels come together in a rhythmical array to complete a one-of-a-kind composite tiger — so bold you can almost hear the ROAR!

NeigerDesign holiday card

NeigerDesign holiday card NeigerDesign holiday card
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