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November 2, 2017 at 4:03 PM

Binge-Worthy TV Shows as Halloween Inspiration.

Every Halloween, the team at NeigerDesign does a theme costume together. Themes have spanned a wide variety over the years (the Addams Family is still a favorite) and we have a lot of fun sharing the photos with friends and family and seeing what our clients did for their own Halloween celebrations. 

This year, to cap off our annual pumpkin carving contest (see the pumpkins and results below!) we decided to get our clients and friends involved with our costumes, too! We asked for people to guess which binge-worthy television show our costumes represented, and we received many clever responses! 

Jim and Carol had the trickiest costumes to guess and yet some people still got them right! We definitely want all of you on a team with us for trivia night. 

Take a look at the costumes below and see if you would have been able to guess. Then check out the pumpkins (presented in the same order as the carver in the costume series). 


From left to right: Westworld (Denae), Grey's Anatomy (Carol), The Paul Winchell Show [we also would have accepted The Ed Sullivan Show!] (Jim)


From left to right: Mr. Robot (John), The Crown (Michelle), Stranger Things (Jonathan)


From left to right: Stranger Pumpkins (Denae), Pumpkinbot (Carol), Pantone 144 C (Jim)


From left to right: Furry Spider (John), 2016 Gourd Series Ring (Michelle), Pump Gin (Jonathan)

The 2017 winners were:

1st: Stranger Pumpkins by Denae
2nd: 2016 Gourd Series Ring by Michelle
3rd: Pump Gin by Jonathan

Thanks again to everyone who joined in on the Halloween fun with us for these two contests, and congratulations to the winners of the costume guessing contest! They are receiving NeigerDesign holiday cards and wrapping paper to get ready for the holiday season. 

See more photos on the NeigerDesign Facebook Page. 

Do you have an idea for what our theme should be for next year? Let us know! 


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