Newly Inspired and On Trend

September 11, 2015 at 5:14 PM

Every year the entire team at NeigerDesign takes one day out of the summer to head into the city for team building, strategizing, reassessment, and a surprise fun activity (or two!). We call it Summer Fun Day, because we tell it like it is.

We themed this year "Hot, Hot, Hot," and the weather did its best to be on topic. The morning started off at Kanela Breakfast Club (highly recommended) for our planning session.

Each staff member at NeigerDesign presents to the rest of the team with ideas and strategies for continuing to offer great services to our clients and ways to stay relevant with new trends and technologies.

Bonus: designer Jessica wowed us with her report on current design trends and we are sharing it with you. See the Trend Rapport presentation now and be sure to share it with your friends.


Newly motivated and feeling like the world was our oyster, the team heated things up further at Chicago Hot Glass, where we took turns helping each other to form molten glass into colorful double-walled bowls under the skilled guidance of Joe and Rosey. Anticipating that we would feel pretty badass while doing this, we had tatted up with a comical assortment of temporary tattoos that included Abraham Lincoln and hot dogs. (Sorry, mom!)


Leaving our bowls to cool, we kept it hot with an afternoon stroll in the sun�on The 606 that is. In addition to being beautiful, The 606 trail is a success story for community engagement. After many years in the making, the project was fully realized in recent years when city and civic organizations came together while encouraging community input and involvement that took a defunct train line and created the new green space, parks, and the protected path for cyclists and pedestrians alike. With creative prompts in hand, the NeigerDesign team walked the trail with sketchbooks and a goal of experiencing the trail in a unique, creatively charged way.


Overall the day was a great success, complete with a much-needed cool down in the form of sundaes and shakes at Margie's just off The 606. We're excited to exercise our inspiration and enthusiasm from Summer Fun Day on the next year of client work. Visit us on Facebook to see more photos! Also be sure to check out what the team shared on Instagram by searching #ndsummerfunday.


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