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November 10, 2014 at 4:32 PM


Lekotek, a division of Anixter Center, has been the heart of NeigerDesign's pro bono work since we first opened our doors in 1989. Lekotek Centers offer therapeutic play-based family sessions for families of children with disabilities structured to help children learn, develop and thrive in a world that presents them with many unique and complex challenges. Lekotek is about kids, play and toys.

This is a personal passion for NeigerDesign President, Carol Neiger, whose youngest sister, Donna, was born with Down Syndrome, and has experienced first-hand the therapeutic power of play.

The entire NeigerDesign team has embraced the commitment to contribute to the continued success of Lekotek through annual reports, brochures and campaigns.

NeigerDesign was instrumental in developing the concept and branding for the AblePlay Product Evaluation & Rating System, a toy evaluation process which provides in-depth information about a product and its ability to help children with special needs.


In 2003, Lekotek merged with Anixter Center, one of Chicago's largest organizations serving individuals with disabilities. NeigerDesign seized the opportunity to broaden our involvement in a cause that resonates with our mission to use design and our own personal passion to make a better world.

Carol became a Trustee of the Board of Directors of Lekotek and continues to serve as an Anixter Center board member and strategic business and design consultant.

A Bold New Identity


After 90 years in operation and several mergers, Anixter Center needed a new, meaningful, on-target, and powerful brand. NeigerDesign helped Anixter Center by conducting focus groups and surveys that included an opportunity for all employees, funders and board members to participate. The results were used in the development of their new brand based on a kite, representing everyone's potential�the ability to soar!

We designed a comprehensive family look to serve as a blueprint for the rollout of the new identity in all of Anixter Center's communication devices.


NeigerDesign continues to provide consultation and design services to help Anixter Center achieve its goals to provide vital services to people with disabilities.

Anixter Center's Stuart G. Ferst School


For more than 30 years, Ferst School has provided individually structured academic and vocational education to students age 6-21 living with autism, behavioral disorders and other intellectual / developmental disabilities. These students typically struggle to perform well in a traditional school or special education program because of their behavioral, emotional, cognitive, medical, physical or communication difficulties. Ferst School is part of Anixter Center, and although Ferst School receives high marks across the board, it suffered from being one of Chicagoland's best kept secrets. As an initiative of the Anixter Center board, NeigerDesign created a social media presence, a branded image and collateral materials. The students now proudly wear their Ferst School t-shirts as they engage in community activities. The social media effort has paid off in spades as awareness has increased and the sense of pride of the community is evidenced in the Facebook and Twitter posts.

Written by

Carol Neiger


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